Despite being world famous movie stars Mila And Ashton, they do their best to live low-key and ordinary lives

There are a ton of world famous celebrity couples but Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are in a league all their own. They’re one of the most adored couples and truly do have a rare Hollywood love story. Early in their careers they portrayed teenager love interests. They went their separate ways and were both in highly publicized relationships. Eventually, they would find their way back to each other and have been together since. They are one of the wealthiest couples in the world and both have starred in major films. They’ve started a family and their priorities changed. They have two children together and are enjoying being parents.

Mila and Ashton are different than most Hollywood celebs. They keep their children out of the spotlight and try to raise them like ordinary kids. Despite being world famous movie stars, they do their best to live low-key and ordinary lives. Unlike most Hollywood couples, they don’t spend their money on elaborate items or splurge on expensive clothing. Their humble lifestyle proves they’re too good for the glitz and glamour of the celebrity lifestyle. Here is a look at 15 Times Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Proved They Were Too Good For Hollywood.


Celebrity couples are often the center of attention and garner all the headlines. The media and fans are usually much more invested in a celeb couple than they are in their own relationships. In fact, some celebrity couples take full advantage of the media attention.

Mila and Ashton are not one of those couples and try to keep a low profile. For years, rumors swirled that they were more than just friends. However, they denied it because they had both experienced being in high profile relationships. Ashton noted, “You know, I’ve learned the hard way how valuable privacy is. And I’ve learned that there are a lot of things in your life that really benefit from being private. And relationships are one of them. And I am going to do everything in my power to have this relationship be private.” (PerezHilton)


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher became household names after starring in the beloved sitcom That 70’s Show. In fact, Mila and Ashton portrayed on screen love interests Jackie Burkhart and Michael Kelso. Despite playing lovers, they were just friends behind the scenes.

There is also a small age difference that doesn’t really matter now but was more significant back then.

Mila was the youngest out of the teenage cast members. Mila’s first kiss was with Ashton during a scene. At the time, Ashton was 19 and Mila was 14. During an interview with Howard Stern Ashton said, “I think I was her first kiss, like, on the show. It was really weird. I was like, ‘Isn’t this illegal?’ It was really awkward. She was 14! She was like my little sister. I wanted to make sure she was OK.” (CheetSheet)


Mila and Ashton had their first child, Wyatt, in 2014 and had their second child, Dimitri, in 2016. They both love being parents and do their best to raise well-behaved kids. However, they admit that having two children has greatly changed their life, especially when it comes to cleanliness. Unlike other celebs, they have no problem admitting that their home is like a chaotic zoo.

During an interview with ET Mila noted, “We used to be cool and clean. It’s like, our house used to be nice and modern and pristine — all goes out the window when you got kids.” They love their kids and having a family but things can get really chaotic. Mila added, “We feel like we’re being suffocated by plastic with toys and diapers and things.” (ET)


Mila and Ashton have a true Hollywood love story that a room full of writers didn’t come up with. They worked together and reunited years later. However, even the reunion was unlike any other. While working together, Mila never really saw Ashton in any kind of romantic light.

She said, “I never looked at him as somebody that was good-looking, I never looked at him as somebody that wasn’t.”

However, things changed when she attended an awards show. She was checking out the back of a rather tall and good looking man. She was shocked to discover it was Ashton. She added, “And then he just turns around and it was literally like if we were in a movie, the music would start playing. I think that he, for the first time ever, took my breath away. I was like (expletive), he’s good looking.”(E!News)


After the conclusion of That 70’s Show, Mila and Ashton were both in highly publicized relationships that made news all over the world. From 2002 to 2011, Mila was in a high profile relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin. From 2005 to 2012, Ashton was married to actress Demi Moore.

In 2012, Ashton and Mila bumped into each other at an awards show. Ashton invited Mila back to his place for a house warming party. He intended to set Mila up with his friend. However, that’s not how it went for the two Hollywood stars that night. Mila noted, “Long story short, I didn’t leave until the next morning. [It was the] first time I ever slept over while I was single.” (People)


There are a plethora of celebrity couples that are “friends with benefits” and are in a “no strings attached” relationship. Surprisingly, Mila and Ashton tried to have an open and causal relationship before they committed to each other.

They continued to see other people after they began a causal relationship. However, after three months they decided to date each other exclusively.

They were open about their feelings and soon realized that a casual thing wasn’t going to work. Ironically, they both starred in films that revolved around that very plot. Ashton noted, “It was funny because I’d just done this movie called No Strings Attached and she just did a movie called Friends With Benefits and we legitimately lived out our movies, which was virtually the same movie.” (People)


Mila Kunis is one of the biggest and most in demand Hollywood stars. Since 1999, she has voiced the character Meg Griffin on the animated sitcom Family Guy. Additionally, she starred in several popular films, such as, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Black Swan and Bad Moms. After the birth of her first child she decided to take a break from work.

Oftentimes, celebs enlist the aid of a nanny when raising their kids. Mila and Ashton decided not get a nanny after Wyatt was born. Mila took advantage of the fact she could take time off. She said, “I’m in a very specific place in my life where I could take time off, I did.” (E!News) Mila and Ashton enjoy being parents and all the responsibilities that come with it.


Some celebrity couples are like a baby making factory. They just keep pumping out the kids, sometimes with multiple partners. However, Mila and Ashton are refreshingly honest about parenthood. They feel like having two kids is perfect and don’t plan on adding a third.

Mila said, “We’re solid. It’s perfect, it’s like, great, you know? I have two really healthy, really wonderful kids. Why test my luck?”

Mila also admitted that taking care of two kids is manageable while a third is a bit tricky. She added, “[With two kids] you’re running defense a little bit, like, one’s got one and the other’s got one and it’s OK. I think it’s when it becomes three is when you’re like, you’re just playing offense… You’re scrambling trying to keep them all in line.” (ET)


Ashton Kutcher was the breakout star of That 70’s Show. He quickly became a major Hollywood celeb and created the prank show, Punk’d. He went on to star in several popular movies and TV shows, such as, Dude, Where’s My Car, The Butterfly Effect and The Ranch. Many celebs branch outside of acting and their careers. Ashton is known for being a venture capitalist and founded the venture capital firm A-Grade Investments.

He also invested in roughly 60 tech companies, including, Airbnb, and Skype. After the birth of his daughter Wyatt, he quickly purchased every domain name related to his daughter’s name. He was concerned that Wyatt’s name could end up on an adult website. He said, “We’ve got the Twitter handle, the Instagram, everything you could possibly get.” (ET)


Both Mila and Ashton have been under the intense media spotlight since they were teenagers. They understand the value of privacy and personal choices. Many Hollywood stars share pics of their children on Instagram. However, Ashton and Mila aren’t typical celebs and try to keep their kids out of the spotlight. They don’t share any pics of the kids on Instagram and have a private account for the grandparents.

Ashton said, “We don’t share any photos of our kids publicly because we feel that being public is a personal choice.”

Mila and Ashton chose the life of a Hollywood star but their kids didn’t. He added, “My wife and I have chosen a career where we’re in the public light, but my kids have not so I think they have the right to choose that.” (ETCanada)


Celebs often take to Instagram to show off the extravagant and lavish presents they purchase for their kids. During the holidays, Instagram is filled with pics of rich kids with presents they’re not even old enough to enjoy. However, Mila and Ashton don’t like spoiling their kids with presents, especially on Christmas.

They don’t want their kids to grow up being mean entitled snobs or as Mila puts it, “Yeah, we’re not gonna raise a******!” (Independent).

The tradition in their house is “no presents”. Last year they learned an important lesson. Mila said, “We didn’t give her (Wyatt) anything — it was the grandparents. The kid no longer appreciates the one gift. They don’t even know what they’re expecting; they’re just expecting stuff.” (NYDailyNews) Mila and Ashon set a one gift limit going forward for holidays.


Hollywood couples often spend an enormous amount of money on their wedding ceremony and weddings rings. In fact, some celebrity engagement rings cost more than an average persons entire wedding. Mila and Ashton might be world famous mega stars but they don’t act like it. Mila and Ashton marred in July 2015 but they weren’t sporting any bling during the event.

The famous duo checked out some wedding band prices but didn’t see the point in spending a fortune on them. Mila said, “I was like, ‘They’re how much? This is astronomical.’”

Instead of paying millions of dollars she took a more frugal approach. She added, “So, I went on Etsy and I was like, ‘$90?’ I was like, ‘Buy now!’ Ashton’s was $100, so technically his wedding band was a little bit more expensive.” (CheatSheet)


Most Hollywood kids grow up living a very privileged lifestyle. Their parents are major stars and provide them with everything imaginable. If they choose to, they never have to work a day in their life. Mila and Ashton are not typical celebrity parents and are teaching their kids the value of hard work. During an appearance on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, Ashton mentioned that he will not be setting up his kids financially.

He said, “I’m not setting up a trust for them, we’ll end up giving our money away to charity and to various things.”

However, he will help and guide them anyway he can. He added, “And so if my kids want to start a business and they have a good business plan, I’ll invest in it but they’re not getting trusts.” (ETCanada)


Celebs love to attend all the major parties and after-parties. Mila and Ashton don’t enjoy doing that as much as some other stars. They enjoy staying home and indulging in their favouirte guilty pleasure. However, Mila and Ashton are not ashamed to admit that their guilty pleasure is watching the massively popular reality series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Ashton said, “Monday nights for us are…white wine, vodka tonic and turn on The Bachelor or Bachelorette.”(TorontoSun)

They don’t care who knows that they’d rather kick back and watch romance unfold rather that party till they pass out. He later added, “This is like our greatest guilty pleasure of all time. In fact, I haven’t watched this week because I was here and she’s there and so we’re saving it. Because this is our thing.” (CheatSheet)


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher decided their kids are not inheriting their fortune. They feel the kids have a privilege life but need to learn the importance of hard work. Most celeb kids probably assume they’re inheriting millions some day. However, Mila and Ashton don’t want their kids feeling entitled because of their privileged life. In fact, Mila and Ashton let the kids believe they’re poor.

Mila said, “It’s a matter of teaching them from a very early age that, you know, ‘Mommy and Daddy may have a dollar, but you’re poor.’”

It’s an interesting technique that seems to work for the famous parents. She jokingly told her kids, “‘You are very poor, you have nothing. Mommy and Daddy have a bank account.’” (Independent) This approach seems to be working for the time being.