(Cover) – EN Showbiz – Charlize Theron experienced “pregnancy” pain in her breasts after adopting her son Jackson in 2012. The Atomic Blonde star waited several years to become a mum and after she found out her son was born, she started having a few of the same physical experiences as women that actually give birth. “I was waiting for so long that when I found out Jackson was born, I was like, ‘Wow, I want this kid so badly that my breasts are hurting’,” she tells U.S. TV host Chelsea Handler in an interview for Elle magazine. “I didn’t have postpartum depression or anything like that; it was just my boobs. It’s the power of the mind. “When motherhood is taking up a lot of space in your head, your brain can tell you that your body is experiencing things.” Charlize, who is now a mum to an adopted son and daughter, also explains that because she didn’t give birth to her children, she felt she didn’t have any excuses not take on all of the parenting responsibilities herself. “I didn’t go through a 30-hour labour or carry an extra 40, 50 pounds,” she says. “I didn’t go through all those dramatic physical things. So of course it was OK for me to wake up every two hours. In the beginning, I wanted to do it all and didn’t reach out for as much help as I actually needed. I felt, ‘If I don’t do all of this, then maybe I am a bad parent’.” However, by the time she brought home her daughter, August, in 2015, she knew there was nothing wrong with asking for a little help. “The second time, I realised I am happier and my kids are happier if I ask for more help..,” she adds. “I’ve learned to balance things out more. I look at my fuel gauge and think, ‘Is it full or is it empty?’ Then it’s up to me to decide how to fill that tank back up or just remain empty. But what can you do on an empty tank?” And she knows she will always have her mum to lean on, because they co-parent together. “I knew that I would have to have my mom help me if I was going to do this as a single parent,” she says. “To not acknowledge her in co-parenting my children would be a lie… I’m so lucky to have that. I would feel pretty alone if I didn’t have a partner in crime in all of this.”© Cover Media