(Cover) – EN Fitness & Wellbeing – Rotten teeth is a massive problem for children in modern times, thanks to the availability and low price point of sugary snacks and drinks.

Gone are the days of enjoying a lunchtime treat or snack after school – now kids eat the white stuff from the minute they get up thanks to sugary cereals.

As well as soaring childhood obesity rates, kids are also now facing more and more problems with rotten teeth, and new statistics from the U.K. have revealed that a child has a rotten tooth removed every 10 minutes in England.

Public Health England, who released the shock stats, further found that more than 60,000 children had teeth extracted in hospital in 2017, which works out as 141 operations per school day, which was the biggest single cause of hospital admissions for five to nine-year-olds.

The figures come as the British government’s long-awaited sugar tax comes into effect on Friday (06Apr18), with the price of fizzy drinks going up by 18p or 24p more a litre, depending on how much sugar has been added to the beverages.

Britain is trailing behind other countries when it comes to a sugar taxation, with Norway first introducing one in 1992, and France approving a soda tax in 2012.

Experts in the U.K. are also now calling for cigarette-style warnings on sweet packets to warn children about tooth decay and obesity. Since cautions on cigarette packets became compulsory, smoking rates have dropped, and now health workers are hoping the same can happen when it comes to the sugar-laden food and drinks favoured by youngsters.

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